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Library Policies

Library Programs & Services

The Deep Springs Media Center is pleased to offer a number of different programs and services to its patrons. The list for teachers is located toward the bottom of the page.

For Students:

Accelerated Reader

The library provides tests for over 3,141 titles, the majority for books that can be obtained in the media center. Each year, additional tests and accompanying books will be purchased for student and faculty use. 

Book Fair

Once a year, this fair, which is organized in cooperation with a book vendor, allows students, faculty, staff, and the community an opportunity to purchase books. The profit made on these sales will benefit the library program at Deep Springs. This money will then allow the media center to buy additional materials and supplies which are not covered by the regular budget. 

"I Love To Read" Week

For one week each year, students and staff celebrate books and reading. During the week, students listen to guest readers, receive free gifts, attend the Book Parade, etc., and enjoy many other fun activities. 

Library Aides

Through applications and recommendations from teachers, approximately 8-12 fifth-grade students have the opportunity to become library aides. These aides will handle duties such as shelving fiction books, assisting with circulation, straightening-up the library, and handling special projects such as bulletin boards, etc. Students may volunteer to work after school or during their recess and/or library class. 


The Deep Springs Library provides a web site for the use of students, parents, and staff. This site, which can be accessed from the Deep Springs Elementary School home page, offers information on news, activities, links, etc.


For the past several years, the library has participated in the Lexington Public Library's program, Spellbinders. Storytellers visit approximately once a month to entertain students with a variety of tales. When funds, allow, we also schedule author visits. Past authors who have visited Deep Springs include Marcia Thornton Jones (Bailey School Kids series), Mike Thaler (Black Lagoon series), and Larry Dane Brimner.  


Audiovisual Materials from Media Services

FCPS Media Services' Teacher Resource Center has a large collection of videos and other AV materials which can be requested for use in the classroom. The items are delivered via courier. You can access the TRC through the card catalog. The TRC can also provide block feeds of many KET videos. Click here to see a listing.


Whenever a teacher requests, book or AV bibliographies can be compiled using both the school’s and Media Services’ holdings. It is best to allow at least a week’s notice in order to get the most thorough results.

Book Talks

If a faculty or staff member requests, the media center staff will conduct book talks either within the library or the classroom. These talks (thematic, etc.) can be adapted to the needs of the individual class. A two week notice is requested.

Channel 13

FCPS can provide teachers with a variety of instructional programs through Channel 13. A list of those programs is posted on the Media Services site. Please contact the library if you see a program you want.

Closed Circuit TV 

The media center has the capability to provide closed-circuit television viewing to the entire school or a classroom on either channel 4 or 2. Faculty may select either a video or educational television program as needed. However, please read the school's Video Policy before showing. Channel 4 is the channel used for bus dismissal and school announcements.